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Gor Achien Gor

Researcher are highly welcome to visit my website with no fear and worries! I'm Gor Achien Gor I belong to the Republic of South Sudan.

Gor Achien Gor's Bio:

Gor Achien Gor (Monditachien) is the name given by family, I got Xabi Solutions as my nickname, Rumbek is where I was born to Achien Gor Achien the father and Achai Dau the Mother from Aweil north Bahr el Gazel. I posess Diploma in Nutrition and various certificates form online studies where I earned certificates in Microcsoft office and microsoft Digital and basics IT, beyond that I'm well off in online data management and connections. 15th November 19997 is my Birthday in my mother's home soil(Aweil).

Gor Achien Gor's Experience:

Gor Achien Gor's Education:

Gor Achien Gor's Interests & Activities:

I'm more in interested in Playing Football and watching movies, reading Novels and well known Liverpool fan with an honor of becoming England most honored club of Five European titles and second best in England. I'm an Internet Addict too.

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